Stephen E. on Oct 29, 2019
Source: YELP_API

Tossed is by far my favorite place to go in the whole food court. They are always providing excellent and friendly service and they are always happy to fix...

Chris Rodgers on Sep 15, 2019
Source: GOOGLE

Enjoying another tasty salad today.

Gabriela Mckinney on Jun 29, 2019
Source: GOOGLE

A favorite spot for tasty cheap food. went there on a friday i think. looking forward to returning with my relatives. this place has a nice design.

Abby Miller on Mar 30, 2019
Source: GOOGLE

One of my fav places for tasty cheap food. Dropped in on Tues. Looking forward to a return visit. It has an awesome atmosphere. Ambience reminds me of San Diego's scene.

katie on Mar 19, 2019
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